Vipers FC are pleased to announce its junior pricing for the 2018 season.

Similar to last year we have split the pricing to show the club fee, the mandatory items and optional items.

Club fees include coaching (age 7 and above generally two training sessions per week, and 18-24 game days); registration with FFSA, Insurance, ground hire, equipment (goals / cones / bibs etc.), medical supplies (ice packs, creams, bandages), pitch marking, referees, trophy, club scarf and ball. Our club fees work out to around $5 per session[1].

For 2018 we will also continue with the sibling discount. For a second child at the club this will be a discount of $50 from the club fee; the same will also apply to child three, four etc.

Mandatory attire is different depending on age group and includes items such as playing strips, tracksuits, training tops, and bags.

To keep costs down, returning players with 2017 socks, shorts, training top, hoodie, tracksuit and bag can still use these in 2018 or you can purchase new (will be same as 2017 design). However it will be necessary for all players to purchase the new playing tops as our sponsors, and perhaps the design, will change.

Note – all prices shown for mandatory attire and optional items are a guide only based on the cost in 2017. We are still working with our suppliers on 2018 cost and will update as soon as known (but do not expect too much to change).

We look forward to welcoming you for 2018; Your Club, Vipers FC

[1]  Note – no payments are made to the Committee or volunteers that dedicate numerous hours per week to planning, organising and ensuring all is in place for training and games.

Vipers FC  - Club Fees & Mandatory Attire 2018

Black items = your minimum 2018 cost – you will need to add to this any other items of mandatory attire stated for age group that you do not have.

Development (age 5 and 6)

Under 7, 8, and 9

Under 10 and 11

Under 12

Under 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Optional Items

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